Both new moisturizers are recommended by Insider Beauty Buzz

I'm all for natural and organic skincare when it gets the job done, and I'm even more for multitasking products that help streamline my routine.  And then, I'm even more for offerings that target specific concerns so I have at least one less thing to think about.  That's why I beyond like ilike's robust line of 100+ certified organic products, which are all made in small batches with handpicked herbs, fruits and vegetables for maximum levels of natural active ingredients.

I have two products sitting on my desk right now, and I've been hitting up the Brightening Moisturizer for Face, Hands and Body at least three times a day.  Designed to improve the appearance of discoloration and sun damaged skin with a blend of stonecrop, cucumber, bearberry and an amino acid derived from castor seed, it also serves up major hydration and antioxidant protection with sesame seed and castor oils plus a fresh citrus scent courtesy of orange and lemongrass.

The second product I'm totally digging especially as we get closer to summer is the Tomato Face & Body Moisturizer for Exposed Skin.  Packed with lycopene, an antioxidant powerhouse, this head-to-toe is best used before and after sun exposure to help prevent UV damage as it nourishes and moisturizes skin.  And the ingredient list sounds more like a Whole Foods shopping list than any other I've seen before... Think tomoato, carrot, aloe, shea butter, sesame seed oil and more.

ilike positions itself as whole, raw, vegetarian "food" for your skin that's free of all the stuff we (should) try to avoid like GMOs, gluten, nuts, etc.  Somehow I feel like using these products makes up for my dietary shortcomings, and I'm all for that, too!

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