Soothing Rosehip Facial with DaySpa

Soothing Rosehip Facial

Allyu Spa in Chicago

Steps: After gentle cleansing, therapists administer a sulphur-based gommage exfoliant - and, if needed, a mild enzyme peel.  They then apply ilike Organic Skin Care's Rosehip Serum and Gel Mask for a cooling, firming effect.  "This treatment allows extra time for targeted facial massage and/or extractions," explains spa manager Elizabeth Renard. The service ends with ilike's Rosehip Whipped Moisturizer, a top seller in Allyu's retail area.  

Standout Soothers: Renard notes that rosehip is a nutritional powerhouse that's rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene and lycopene.  "The Rosehip Gel Mask packs a concentrated dose of antioxidants and a touch of peppermint essential oil to deliver antiaging benefits and instant relief for sensitized skin," she adds.  "For rosacea clients, the rosehip oil's high levels of vitamin C combined with its vascular benefits lead to a more balanced, fortified complexion within a single treatment."

Spa-cific Strategy: All of the spa's 75-minute specialty facials are equally priced, and in-room assessments help therapists determine what's best for clients at the time of service.  This inflammation-calming treatment is immensely popular. "Our estheticians upsell the facial by explaining the aforementioned benefits when clients mention sensitive or irritated skin, but it also books like crazy on its own accord," says the spa manager.

Soothing Rosehip Facial with DaySpa article