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Szp let encourages, motivates and rewards you to go greener!

Dear Eco-friendly Customers,                        

Thank you very much if you participated in our Make Every Day Earth Day program.  We are thrilled to have received so many entries.  And for every formal entry, we know there are dozens if not hundreds more of you that have and are continuing to implement earth friendly initiatives.  We are impressed and reenergized by your initiatives.  And we are very proud to be your partner!

Each entry demonstrates that it doesn't take years of work or a huge investment to make a difference in the environment.  You have all proven that shifting to green practices in dozens of small ways can be made easily and quickly, and often with little financial investment.  It was touching to see how proud many of you were of each and every effort that you have made, from the largest to the smallest.

It is also heartening to know that you, who are proudly announcing your achievements in conserving, reusing and recycling, are doing much more than what is on the entry you sent to us. You are planting virtual seeds as well - seeds in YOUR clients mind that in many instances will lead to them implementing initiatives in their own lives.

We have one planet. That planet is in danger. But the alarming statistics don't take into consideration the power of the people to shift their behavior. If all of us could just do a little something to fight global warming, to conserve resources, to limit our actions which are detrimental, we CAN slow down the process or possibly even eliminate the danger. The Earth may yet be able to heal itself but only with our help.

Let us share a short selection of green initiatives from our partners many of which fall into the "that can be easy" category:
Organic Beauty Skin Care Studio in Hilo, HI has many initiatives from using all sustainable products till energy saving practices.
Sweetie Face Spa in Stevenson, WA has requested that the country road department refrain from spraying along their roadway to complete their organic gardening initiatives.
Thrive Medspa in Chicago, IL encourages bus and train transportation of their colleagues and clients and has set-up bike racks.
Gaia Day Spa in La Jolla, CA has eliminated the use of plastic in their body wraps.
The Waxing Studio in Clarence Center, NY has a vestibule at their entrance, which is a very small room to keep the cool or warm air inside and not let it escape to conserve energy.
Traditional Healing Arts in Cloverdale, CA composts all organic matter such as tea leaves.
Trinity Total Health in Raleigh, NC has switched over to a green web hosting company that runs on 100% wind and solar power, and for every new customer they get, they plant a tree.
Inner Spa in Newtown, PA says that "even our toilet paper is Earth friendly recycled Marcal".

Several ilike spas are planning on going solar in the next couple of years, hold or sponsor educational forums on green practices, and reuse or repair furniture, equipments and even buildings.

The jury had a difficult task deciding this year's winner - the spa that has implemented the most eco-friendly practices. The winner of the Make Every Day Earth Day award is Gaia Day Spa in La Jolla, California. Gaia, who is also a seed spa for the Green Spa Network, sent us an extensive list of green practices that included many smart solutions. Rhana Pytell, the owner of Gaia Day Spa will be talking about these initiatives at Cosmoprof Las Vegas in July, a Southern California round table in June, at the Face & Body show in San Francisco in August, and in an article in Pulse Magazine's July issue.

Because we are very proud of all who entered, each of you will receive a Szp let Green Partner certificate that can be displayed in your business.

While recognition of your efforts from Szp let and ilike organic skin care has concluded for this Earth Day, you can already begin preparations to win the next year's award.  But keep in mind that the most important recognition of all comes from the biggest beneficiary of all - our Earth!  And the Earth recognizes and rewards each and every one of our efforts with a breath a fresh air, a bud that flowers, a creature that survives.  So don't forget to please Make Every Day Earth Day!

Thank you all!

Szilvia Hickman
sr. vice president, Szp let

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